I’ve forgotten how to travel. On a plane. Between States.

I can travel 5 kms from my home, or I can drive around regional Victoria.

But 12 months of home-time has dulled my air travel knowledge.

I forgot to book parking; failed to check-in online, had to google what I could take in hand luggage; wore boots that were hard to remove at security.

Remembered my mask.

A few friends have paused when told I’m flying and looked at me quizzically – asked “was I ready to take the chance travelling on a plane” or simply “was I beside myself with excitement to be leaving the State”.

The answer to both was yes, kind of. Because COVID is still a thing, and the risk while low, is still there and regardless, stuck in our psyche. What happens if I get stuck in another State and can’t come home? Yeah, that’s in my head too.

That hesitancy is a challenge for our governments and tourism bodies both.

Staying home, staying close, has been drummed into us. We’ve got a ways to go to balance it out.