I made the deliberate decision to move to working remotely/from home when I started my own business and began working for an internationally-based company earlier this year.

Despite the forced nature, the pandemic had given me a taste of the benefits with flexibility, more time and connections to friends and families, and the ability to (generally) work wherever I had an internet connection.

So far so good. But a few weeks ago I was reminded how energising it is to be able to meet with colleagues face to face. High vis and all, I had a ball being outdoors, connecting and doing work stuff with other people =)

As workers transition back to the office in some way under easing restrictions, I can appreciate their excitement.  There is no substitute for face time for relationship building, for feeling supported and connected, for understanding people and businesses to be able to do the storytelling I love.

Last week I tried for the second time to make it to Sydney to meet workmates I’ve been emailing for a few months. The first time I tried and failed was down to a car accident and COVID-19 (Sydney’s not Melbourne’s for a change). This time, fairly horrific floods.

An inconvenience only for me. A terrible ongoing impact on communities.

Next week I’m trying again. I’m excited at the thought of meeting some very good people and to have an opportunity to hear a little about the support my Coulson Aviation Australia teammates are providing to communities in their roles operating some of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service-owned aircraft during flood operations.