What do you identify as a “good day?”

Victorians may have slightly differing views at the moment because many of us are even more aware of and grateful for the small things, if we can see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

But in the past few weeks I provided referees for two excellent people who were ultimately offered roles. Happy dance.

Last week I offered a few tips and tricks to someone who wasn’t loving the thought of entering LinkedIn land; and they’re giving it a go in their own style and own way.

A few weeks before, I organised an online “Sip and Stretch” class for my team – basically what it says on the box (and yes, wine if you so choose, is involved).

In return I’ve gotten to just feel nice (oh, and drink). Remember feeling nice? Warm fuzzies on the inside?

Sounds self-serving eh? Don’t care. I’m far away from the people I work with and for, and am remembering the joy of connections – and offering a hand to – those broader than my current Zoom circle and lockdown bubble.

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