Tech start-up Third Aurora has a little something special on the market with an augmented reality App testing the boundaries of technology with more than 500 wineries from across the world so far.

Winerytale takes a real wine bottle and via a smartphone app displays the winemaker’s own video, audio, images, text and sound to create a rich and memorable experience.

Capitalising on the augmented reality boom, the Geelong and USA based entrepreneurs have big plans and a lot of talent as well as 500 plus wineries on board current field trials pushing technological and enterprise boundaries.

The technology behind the Winerytale App is designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence (AI) to scan and recognise labels, and augmented reality (AR) to showcase the wine’s backstory by beaming it from an imaginary space inside the bottle.

The platform is purpose built for mass adoption and accessibility to any winery wanting to take advantage of a brand marketing and sales future that will undeniably involve augmented reality.

It’s a bit mind boggling and a lot fascinating seeing it in action.

App Managing Director and Co-Founder of Third Aurora Dave Chaffey brought me on board a few weeks ago to talk through the strategic communication and content development needs for Winerytale.

Though I didn’t know my AI from my AR at first, it’s been a pleasure to go down the technology and marketing rabbithole and come back up with strong messaging and successful industry-focussed media takeup.

Understanding business objectives and pulling apart and strategizing communication and content needs aligned with that is one of my favourite things to do.   Best of all is the chance to learn new things alongside digital marketing gurus. It’s been incredible to be involved close to the ground up of a talented new business testing products with possibly unlimited potential in the right markets.

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