I was first in line when my hairdresser reopened.

But as I looked in the mirror after returning the blonde to the mousey brown, I was taken aback. 

It’s quite shocking to look like the ‘usual’ you instead of the ‘real’ you. 

Stuck in iso away from the fripperies of hair and beauty, I’d grown accustomed to myself.  

Who else has found that? 

Working from home, locked away from many other humans except on Zoom, I’d become more me than I’d ever been.  

Is it unusual to have a work you and a home you?   For me, both are authentic. 

But without the physical ‘office of the manager’ to differentiate you, and with a shared vulnerability suddenly acceptable, any veneer becomes unnecessary. 

Early on a team member suggested playing the game ‘two truths and a lie’ – essentially when we all have to guess who belongs to the stories and what the lie is – and it has kept us hilariously occupied for weeks during team meetings. 

It’s brought a lightness to catch ups, and has been endlessly fascinating to learn quirky things about each other, bringing a realness to the connections.   

As we enter into the second round of ‘two truths and a lie’, even with my blonde hair and the ‘usual me’ back, my poker face now needs work. 

That’s a nice problem to have 😊

#teamwork #resilience

I was first in line

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