In September, Adult Learners Week celebrated learning that promotes greater understanding and respect across different generations. I loved the concept.

While I always thought of learning in terms of degrees or forums/conferences, it turns out I have a new found passion for the Centre for Adult Learning (CAE) short courses.

Earlier this year I did a short, sharp Social Media Marketing for Businesses Course – a Saturday well spent with copious notes to follow as a reminder.

Sue Ellson was our knowledgeable tutor, and she connected dots for me and opened my mind to more of the ins and outs of social media marketing. My focus was how to grow small businesses on a shoestring budget.

The course was just a taste, building on more than a decade of knowledge in communications strategy and execution but because I’m a details person, I loved being able to draw marketing concepts and tactics together to understand more about how things work and connect.

Find your Story. Be your Story. The Art of Why.

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