What do you do when you have a book to promote for a good mate and self -published author, and shoestring budget (read will work for cups of tea and chocolate)? You improvise the hell out of what you’ve got.

Dr Lisa Chaffey wrote Rewiring pain – A new way to reclaim your life, to help others cope with chronic pain. It’s a great story about new ways to combat chronic pain, from a great friend. Practical advice – and down to earth explanations of why it works – in book form, woven through Dr Chaffey’s personal story.

I’ve known Lisa for many years, and her way with words is undoubted. Sometimes I see that during competitive scrabble games, but most recently in her book, which took 18 months to finish while working and doing life.   It is worth a look.

My role, apart from cheerleader from afar, was to help shape and film a series of videos that explained in 60 seconds or less some of the concepts in the book.

Communicators are nothing if not thrifty, so the location became my apartment (well, a version of it as we tore it apart to make it an appropriate backdrop) and the trusty iphone was the tool of trade. Shaping the content to tell the story on a shoe-string, and working with the author and best spokesperson for the job in an apartment made to look (kind of) like an office.

Look closely in some of the videos and you make see a microwave.   Great fun, and a talented author/video talent.

Note: I have since purchased a real tripod……

Find your story. Be your Story. The Art of Why Communications

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