Earlier this year when I was looking for something that I wanted to learn more about, photography was at the top of my list. I was looking for a little passion project, but I don’t have a camera, just an Iphone.

Given I’d never met someone as wedded to their camera phone as me, it was thrilling to find a short course centred on photography using your Iphone at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE). Loved it from a practical point of view, but it also fed the hands on creative in me that senior communicators don’t always have an opportunity to fully explore.

Some of the tips and tricks were honestly simple – though I still didn’t know all of them! What the course gave me was the ability to better capture what I see, to help translate what I want it to look like, to enhance it a little when it needs it.

My eyes drink in such beautiful sights every day, and I can’t go past a sunset without sighing dramatically and snapping away, capturing dying days.

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