Peak 2020; a lockdown birthday with the Premier hovering in the background 😊

Two months ago today I packed one week’s worth of clothes and left Melbourne to visit my family in the country. 

Days later as first Melbourne partially shut down, then fully shut down for the second time, followed by mask and Stage 3 restrictions regional Victoria, I made the decision to stay. Indefinitely as it turns out. 

I was fortunate.

My folks said I could and my jobs were already mostly online with the ability to continue to work remotely. Companies had not yet fully considered returning to the office; being on the end of email and phone was hard but sufficient; team and client management was Zoom-based.

Media, and more importantly – people – have recently been talking about the need for a family or friend bubble for single people living and working at home. 

I’ve watched as my single and independent living friends have run a gamut of emotions, loneliness, loss, boredom and isolation. 

With an indefinite ending and solution, I knew I couldn’t do it again and worse. Instead, I’ve lived quietly in the country with family, waiting it out and wondering (gently) when life will restart. 

Like many, this is not something I thought 2020 would provide. But having had takeaway cake, coffee and pizza with my mum and dad and Zoom drinks with friends on my birthday confirmed I was in the right place.

The country has given me space and a different pace; and more importantly other in-person people who love me and will talk to me (more than in my Melbourne supermarket, wine store and coffee cafe….all very important in any circumstances, granted) 😆 

Everyone’s experience of this period, this whole year, is valid and different, a struggle for reasons that are varied and sometimes unimaginable to others. 

My lessons – about important people connections, resilience, work capabilities and potential, hopes and acceptance of lost opportunities – will take a while to settle. 

In the meantime I’m hanging on to the gratitude as hard as I can.

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