Behaviour change is an interesting beast.

Like many I’ve watched the increase in coronavirus-positive numbers climb the past few days, alongside the increase in relaxed community behaviour towards physical distancing and hygiene practices.

Many people are desperate for real connections and a bit of normality to real life.

Pulling back on some of the planned restriction-lifting today, the Victorian Premier laid the blame on families and individuals ‘not doing the right thing’ and essentially making a choice that wasn’t theirs to make.

When something doesn’t resonate, is not understood, doesn’t work logically, is new and inconvenient and has not been experienced or does not seem likely/real, it takes time and effort to make it stick.

Time – and a strong understanding of the coronavirus pandemic and the community behaviour required – is not a luxury we’ve had.

For me, fear works.  Threatening to ‘lockdown’ the separate suburbs I live and work in if numbers don’t improve is good enough for me.

However, I bet asking people to stop hanging out with close family and friends when they should be isolating, from a virus that for many is as invisible as it is insidious in other countries, will continue to be a challenge for Victorians.

The behaviour beast

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