I may have extensive experience in internal and external stakeholders, but as I explore my new hustle as a small business owner of a boutique communications agency, building and maintaining relationships with new – and existing – clients takes on a vital note.

What’s important to me is what’s important to them. I listen, ask questions, pull things apart in my mind and put them back together again before settling on what the job is.

What is needed is not always what a client is prepared to commit to, and I find it important to be clear about the output, and the potential outcome while being respectful of how deep someone wants to go.

I’m an options person, a problem solver and a thrifty Virgo and so far I have found a way to deliver winning outcomes within set parameters.

Judged by feedback, direct sales, media take up, brand awareness and statistics. But most of all, judged by the ability to have tough conversations, have a laugh, celebrate the wins and catch up over a coffee.

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