The risk of risk communication

Government and public health officials are coming up against…
August 3, 2021/by Natalie Staaks

Talking in the name of…..

Wow I’ve had a good time talking to people lately.  In the…
June 10, 2021/by Natalie Staaks

Examples of good and bad COVID19 comms – discuss

I had a doozy of a topic to facilitate at the IABC  #converge21…
April 23, 2021/by Natalie Staaks

Celebrating our COVID-real moment

Recently I went to a music festival. 

Not usually noteworthy,…
March 23, 2021/by Natalie Staaks

Culture – keep up

This article about how to keep/instill/grow a corporate culture…
February 23, 2021/by Natalie Staaks

If there’s a remote chance of face to face I want in (sometimes)

I made the deliberate decision to move to working remotely/from…
January 23, 2021/by Natalie Staaks

How to air travel (for business)

I’ve forgotten how to travel. On a plane. Between States.

December 23, 2020/by Natalie Staaks

In an increasingly digital world, who have we left behind?

When I corrected an (incorrect) belief my more than 70 year-old…
November 20, 2020/by Natalie Staaks

I can’t be sorry about Lockdown 2.0

I didn’t mean to be living back with my parents 24 years after…
November 13, 2020/by Natalie Staaks

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work. Such a cliche. But I’ll take…
November 1, 2020/by Natalie Staaks

We’re open (in regional Vic)

My oh my, is regional Victoria excited to be open.

Pubs are…
October 1, 2020/by Natalie Staaks

A “good day”

What do you identify as a "good day?”

Victorians may have…
September 18, 2020/by Natalie Staaks
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