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The risk of risk communication

Government and public health officials are coming up against a universal truth in risk communications and awareness raising – people will make their own determinations about risk using a range of information, feelings, rationalisation and historic knowledge.  They’ll check in with others, assess what suits them based on convenience, perceived threat and circumstances, and act […]

Talking in the name of…..

Wow I’ve had a good time talking to people lately.  In the name of work I mean 😊 For the past few months, I’ve been focusing on writing content for a range of clients based on interviews – both employees and product supporters.  Harking back to my journalist days, I’ve had a ball planning out […]

Examples of good and bad COVID19 comms – discuss

I had a doozy of a topic to facilitate at the IABC  #converge21 communications conference last night – ‘what has your government done well or badly in covid communications?’  Starting with ‘the good’ there was a crazy silence. For the ‘bad’, there were plenty of examples. It’s perhaps not so surprising when considering a worldwide, […]

Celebrating our COVID-real moment

Recently I went to a music festival.  Not usually noteworthy, but it was a COVID-real moment; possibly one of the first large events outside footy to be held since…you know.  Because around this time 12 months ago COVID19 became real.  Many of us moved to working from home (if we weren’t already).  I ordered a […]

Culture – keep up

This article about how to keep/instill/grow a corporate culture in a distributed work model made me do a happy dance.  https://www-entrepreneur-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.entrepreneur.com/amphtml/364250 A combination of forced work from home (pandemic style) and choice (working for myself) gave me real insight (like many) and a further interest in the alignment between culture, HR, leadership and internal communications. When […]

How to air travel (for business)

I’ve forgotten how to travel. On a plane. Between States. I can travel 5 kms from my home, or I can drive around regional Victoria. But 12 months of home-time has dulled my air travel knowledge. I forgot to book parking; failed to check-in online, had to google what I could take in hand luggage; […]

I can’t be sorry about Lockdown 2.0

I didn’t mean to be living back with my parents 24 years after moving out. I guess no one really plans that. When I packed enough clothes for a one week stay in June, I didn’t contemplate that I would be re-packing five months later. But I’ve seen the seasons change outside the glass doubledoors […]

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work. Such a cliche. But I’ll take it any day. Next week I finish up with Brimbank City Council after almost 18 months as the Communications Manager of a bloody awesome team. It’s a team that together we’ve reshaped and expanded, nurtured and grown. I’m so crazily proud to have lead […]

We’re open (in regional Vic)

My oh my, is regional Victoria excited to be open. Pubs are throwing up marquees; beauticians are inundated with furry faced clients; family or friend bubbles are gathering outdoors. Police are pictured in the local paper promising to enforce anyone who slips through the ring of steel. I’m a half and half; a country living, […]

A “good day”

What do you identify as a “good day?” Victorians may have slightly differing views at the moment because many of us are even more aware of and grateful for the small things, if we can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. But in the past few weeks I provided referees for […]