In talking to several small businesses in the last few months, it seems the winter months can sometimes be difficult to entice people out of their homes and busy lives and into the local stores and businesses.

As a rabid consumer myself I know the reasons that consumers buy into particular goods and services are varied; the convenience, the customer service, the feeling they get when they walk in/engage/leave, the alignment with values, and products that please and continue to be attractive.  In small business this is even more important, as the service comes down to personal and personality.

I’ve been working and interacting with a number of small businesses in a Thornbury shopping strip and I’m impressed by their business acumen and ability to diversify and adapt.

Phil Gray at Bespoke Wines and Spirits, Marisa Lawlor at Just Believe Fit and Grazia Cavallin at Lola Lovey Gifts all have an interesting story to tell.   My role with each was in developing content and the right fit for their social media channels and linking it with their marketing and business development strategies.

Find Your Story. Be Your story. The Art of Why.

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