Tucked into a 150-year-old store, Thornbury store Bespoke Wines and Spirits markets itself as #notyouraveragebottleshop.

Owner Phil Gray, a former money market trader with a long history in hospitality and high end champagne sales, has an olde world shop bursting with unusual wines, spirits and beers, as well as quirky and different gift ideas.

Phil loves the quirk of the Thornbury community and provides knowledgeable advice on the substantial and changing stock. He also runs down different and hard to find products for individuals and recently became the largest Melbourne seller of a seasonal Fig Gin by using Instagram and word of mouth tastings to spruik it.

Developing the personality and profile of the store’s Instagram account has simply been a matter of taking a bit of Phil’s personality and cheekiness, his passion for customer service and quirky products, and implanting a little bit of Thornbury.  Growth of the account has been steady and organic only, to ensure his authenticity and ideas shine through first.

“Using social media for sales is new to me, but I like customers to explore and not feel pushed,” Phil says.

“Anything we do has to be genuine and can be a bit cheeky, but every customer interaction has to be genuine.”


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