When you belatedly stumble across the nefarious plans made by your nieces; a four step military skirmish they roped their Nannie into 😂

I obviously stood no chance trying to work effectively (remotely) this particular day. 

At some stage during the day, Miss almost-eight studied me for a while on my Zoom meetings and emails before asking ‘Aunty Nat, do you like your work?’

What a great question.  Honestly yes. 

What my mini me would have understood was if I had described the joy of writing, reading, imagination/creativity, problem solving and talking to people. 

Instead I simply said ‘yes’ to her disbelieving face and went outside to play a version of tunnel ball with both niece 4 and 7.    

Because they have plenty of time to consider their ‘work futures’ and what they like to do, and I need more time working on my imaginary play and creativity.   


Childsplay precision planning

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